Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Does it take forever for your clothes to dry in your dryer? Do you have to run your dryer
twice or more for your clothes to be completely dried? If so, you may just have an issue
with clogged dryer vents and a simple and quick solution is all that’s needed to fix the
Before you spend a ton and buy a new dryer, contact SpeedDry USA, your local dryer
vent cleaning services. Often times, your dryer just needs a simple cleaning! We’ll
inspect your unit and get to work on getting your dryer running like new in no time.
Cleaning your dryer vents on a regular basis boosts your dryers efficiency while saving
you money and minimizing potential fire hazards. Lint build up in your dryer ventilation
prevents air and moisture from escaping your dryer in turn leaving your clothes damp and
not dry. Also, additional and unnecessary wear and tear in your dryer occurs by running
your machine more than is necessary.
Unfortunately, many people learn about dryer vent cleaning after paying for dryer repairs
or after buying a new dryer only to find out that their vent was clogged and there was
nothing wrong with their dryer in the first place.
There is an estimated 15,500 fires connected to clothing dryers annually, according to the
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, as well as over $84.4 million in property
damage each year. With lint being named one of the leading flammable materials, poor
vent maintenance is a leading cause of dryer fires.
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