Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning
The main reason most people get their carpets cleaned is for aesthetic purposes,
completely disregarding the necessity for a cleaner and healthier breathing environment.
It’s a common assumption (and mistake!) to think that cleaning your carpets is solely to
freshen up the look and feel of your home or office. By steam cleaning your carpets, you
are promoting a hygienic and disease-free environment, clear of toxic pollutants and
other harmful organisms.
Although a majority of dirt, dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens are not visible to the
naked-eye, these harmful contaminants actually pollute the very quality of the air you
breathe on a daily basis. Carpets, whether in your home or business, usually appear
cleaner than you may think and often, are much dirtier than you imagined!
Over time, dust, dirt and bacteria naturally build up in carpets making it impossible not to
breathe in all of these harmful and usually toxic pathogens. Generic household carpet
cleaning products don’t guarantee to remove a fraction of the dirt and build up necessary
to live in a healthy and germ-free environment.
SpeedDry USA’s mission is to provide the ultimate carpet cleaning service possible. We
strive to promote healthy living environments, cleaner breathing and overall aesthetically

pleasing surroundings. Contact SpeedDry USA today at 855.554.6379 or email us at Also, you can fill out our Request-a-Quote Form